Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rightwingers' mosh pit

About a week ago, Cass Sunstein wrote a piece about Alger Hiss at Bloomberg News. It set off the most baroque efflorescence of rightwing craziness I have seen in, well, maybe ever.

I thought I knew most of the rightwing fantasies, particularly those related to the McCarthy era. I was wrong.

And they are still hot at it. Here is a sample from "stonehilllady" just a few hours ago:

We lost the Republic when the Fabians took over the White House with W.Wilson, when he allowed the Constitution to be amendment behind belief. The 17th. amendment allowed Fascism to change the Republic in making sure that now Senators can be sponsored by Big Business instead of being nominated by each States Governors and each States Legislators and now Mob Rule is in both the House and the Senate.
Beside's the Fact that he also allowed crooks to handle the money called the Federal Reserve, the main factor for unemployment and a state of continuous wars for their interest.
All of this way before Hiss & Chambers were to hit the scene. All of this infighting today is about the joining of Fascism with Socialism as B. Franklin had said, "A Republic Madame, if you can keep it", and all it took was PHD. Wilson as President, a worldly man to become a bribed man that "Changed" this nation from the One that Franklin warned would, could, happen.

I promise you that stonehilllady is not nearly the nuttiest commenter on the thread. It's hilarious, if a little worrisome that some of these people might vote.

The whole schlamozzle should  be edited, arranged and published as a book. 

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