Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey, look! Democrat vote fraud

To balance out all the bad stuff about Republicans, RtO is pleased to present a real live, jury-certified case of voter fraud featuring a Democrat, and an African-American Democrat at that. Republicans have been so alarmed about voter fraud that they have caused several state legislatures to pass laws to prevent it, although courts have frequently found the laws unacceptable on one ground or another. It has also been a bit of an embarrassment that the panic about voter fraud is, in every investigation, imaginary. But here, for the GOP to treasure and bring up every time some skeptic wonders if shortening voting periods or making it more difficult to register is just a scheme to reduce voting by real citizens, is a gen-u-wine case of rampant voter fraud. California State Senator Roderick Wright
said he thought he was following the law when he arranged to rent a room in a home he owns that is occupied by his common-law stepmother to establish a legal residence in Inglewood. The city is in the district he wanted to represent.
But he had another pad in another community. Renting a room from yourself sounds pretty fishy, we admit. According to the Los Angeles Times, Wright could potentially go into the slammer for 8 years. Whether that is likely or not, we don't know, but, by golly, for all their liberal ways those Californians take residency requirements seriously. An election hardly ever passes in Maui County without some candidate being suspected -- often on pretty solid evidence -- of carpetbagging, but with only two exceptions we can think of -- Sol Kaho'ohalahala and that guy from Canada whose name we forget -- nobody seems to mind.

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