Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Equal time for gun nuts

RtO has had harsh things to say about gun nuts, so in the interest of fairness, let the gun nuts speak, directly and sincerely, to the public and explain why they feel the way they do. Take it away Cory Trapp:
Many people are involved in self-defense shootings every year, and it would appear that most of them have very little effective training. Some survive the event, some don’t. Of those who do survive, do we credit skill or random chance? More important, what do YOU want to depend on if the fight comes to you? The choice is yours, good fortune or superior skills. The majority of gunfights happen in seconds, generally without much warning and at very close range. It does not take an extraordinary amount of marksmanship to hit a person in the chest at three feet.
RtO endorses that last sentence 110%; many 4-year-olds who got up in the middle of the night would say the same, if they hadn't been shot dead by their fathers. Let's hear more from Cory Trapp, who is a "gunsite instructor," whatever that is:
For the reactive fight, where we have somehow failed to perceive the problem before it occurs, we need an advanced skill set, and it needs to be highly developed. You must have a reflexive, reliable and FAST presentation (drawstroke). You must be able to index the gun on target, then instantly and smoothly fire rapid, accurate bursts. Finally, this must all be done while getting off the line of attack, MOVE. Without this combination of skills, you are basically dependent on your attacker(s) being totally incompetent.
I imagine Cory Trapp is thinking of split-second decisions like this, in which a cop quickly, reflexively and reliably -- even fatally -- shot a boy dead who answered the door at his own home while holding a toy. Imagine how badly that would have turned out had the LEO (gun nut jargon for Law Enforcement Officer) not had the kind of advanced training offered by, eg, Cory Trapp, who advises:
The presentation consumes about half a day, and from then on you should be spending about thirty minutes each night in dry practice for two weeks, then every other night for a month, thereafter about once a week. Bear in mind that it takes about 5,000 repetitions of any set of movements to make it reflexive, where it can be done without thought.
Yes, that's what we want to see, more shootings accomplished "without thought," because we don't have enough of that kind already. Cory Trapp has other good advice, for example, it is well to practice moving out of the line of fire from a Wii controller by working with a friend, but you can't be too careful (CAPS LOCK IN ORIGINAL):
This is a skill set that can be well practiced just using blue guns or Airsoft replica guns with a training partner. DO NOT USE REAL FIREARMS WHEN TRAINING WITH A PERSON!
These skills are like a life jacket or fire extinguisher.
I am not sure how a gun is like a fire extinguisher because I don't remember the last time someone was killed in a drive-by spritzing; nor can I figure out the meaning of the comment on this blog post that Barack Obama is a mulatto who is (or perhaps is not, it's hard to tell) a communist terrorist like "Nelson Candela." I recommend reading the whole thing to appreciate the pure paranoid lunacy of the author and also, if Cory Trapp rings your doorbell, don't answer.

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