Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scoring in Valdosta

When I was a lad in Georgia, Valdosta was known for its high school football team, coached as I recall (but don't hold me to it that was a looooong time ago) by Wright Bazemore and the highest scoring team in the nation, higher even than Waycross, which was one county over and in a slightly lower (AA) class and was the nation's second highest scoring football team.

Valdosta had something like 11 or 12 players picked for scholarships to SEC schools, than which no higher educational attainment was possible.

Those were the days. This is what Valdosta is known  for now.

On the first day of the new Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act, a misunderstanding between two armed men in a convenience store Tuesday led to a drawn firearm and a man’s arrest.

“Essentially, it involved one customer with a gun on his hip when a second customer entered with a gun on his hip,” said Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress.
Because, shoot, it ain't so easy to tell the Good Guy with the Gun from the Bad Guy with the Gun.

To the unending regret of goobers everywhere, nobody got shot, or even all shook up.

But if there HAD been a Bad Guy with a Gun somewhere in Valdosta,  no doubt some some open carry zealot would have pulled his hogleg on another open carry zealot, just like actually happened, and the Bad Guy would have gone about his business unmolested. Because gundamentalists are childish and delusional.  

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