Thursday, December 11, 2014

Open carry? Hell, yeah!

What could possibly go wrong?

Open Carry Tarrant County (that's Fort Worth) have recently been the poster children of Gun Nut Nation. Who can forget the self-shot video in which a leader of OCTC dragged his daughter away from a Sonic drive-in because (in his words) "it's not safe" because Sonic asked them not to bring their firearms? (I cannot find a link to the video because I am not going to waste a lot of time on them.)

You know where else is not safe? The homes of Open Carry Tarrant County members.

 The suspect has been involved in area open-carry activities and has this quotation on her Facebook page: “Sometimes removing some people out of your life makes room for better people.” Her profile photo shows her aiming a gun.
Plenty of room in  her life now that's she's blown away her husband and his daughter.

OCTC's Facebook page has nothing to say about it.

Numbers of people have already stated the obvious, so no  need for RtO this time: It takes only a moment for a good guy (gal in this case) with a gun to become a bad gal with a gun.

You can't make this stuff up. Well, you could, but your version would probably not be as rich in irony, stupidity and evil.

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  1. As a progressive and an an anti-gun fundamentalist, I'm sure you have no need of reality.

  2. The weirdest thing about gun nuttery is that the nuts just assume that, when the lead flies, they will have the better weapons. There is no reason to suppose this will be the case.

    So, you're armed but your opponent is ever better armed. Cui bono?

    Reality is that when the populace is armed, every disagreement has the potential to be fatal. And that there is no way -- none, nil, nada -- to tell the responsible armed people from the irresponsibles or criminals.

    Reality is also that the most heavily armed parts of the country are the most violent.

  3. Your first two paras are profoundly ignorant, the third vacuous.

    But this really takes the cake:

    Reality is also that the most heavily armed parts of the country are the most violent.

    If by heavily armed, you mean those with the most permissive gun laws, then you are dead wrong. Violent crime has decreased everywhere gun laws have been relaxed. The state with probably the most gun ownership -- Alaska -- is far from the most violent.

    Of course, you might mean heavily armed part of the country where those arms don't exist. Chicago, for example.

    Reality, as I cited in my first comment, bit you hard.

    But, as a fundamentalist confiscationist, I'm sure the facts don't matter to you in the least.