Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dem hissy fit

Since I am not a Democrat, I would not ordinarily have anything to say about the campaign software dispute in the party over the weekend. However, the Sanders people on my FB feed have been howling like banshees. They do tend to be conspiracy theorists.

Perhaps they should have kept their counsel. Nut graf:

Still, the Sanders camp’s reactions have been laughable. It was their team that unethically breached Clinton’s data. It was their comms people who spoke falsely about what happened. The Sanders campaign wasn’t honeypotted into doing it—their people did it of their own accord. NGPVAN isn’t set up to benefit Clinton at Sanders’ expense—and if the violation by the campaigns had been reversed, Sanders supporters would have been claiming a conspiracy from sunrise to sundown. What’s very clear is that the Clinton camp did nothing wrong in any of this. Sanders campaign operatives did, and then Wasserman-Schultz compounded it by overreacting. And in the end, the right thing ended up happening: the lead staffer in question was fired, and the campaign got its data access back.
Lest anybody think, however, that I am letting up on the rightwingers, there was also this. Nuclear exchange, anyone? Follow the link embedded in the Washington Monthly story.

And there was also this. Nut graf:

Mr. Adelson chose to buy the paper through a Delaware corporation called News & Media Capital Group L.L.C., with just a Connecticut newspaperman, Michael E. Schroeder, named on the documents. The uncertainty left many observers both inside and outside the newsroom scrambling to discover who the owner was.
In another twist, The Review-Journal reported that The New Britain Herald, a Connecticut paper controlled by Mr. Schroeder, had run an article less than three weeks ago that had singled out Judge Gonzalez for criticism. Its author was Edward Clarkin, who had previously submitted reviews of local restaurants. Reached by phone on Friday, Mr. Schroeder declined to comment on the matter, but said that journalists in Las Vegas were merely stirring up trouble.
That one requires a little background. Gonzalez is Nevada judge who has a case involving Adelson before her.

When it comes to crazy, the Democrats just aren't in the game with the rightwingers.

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