Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Matthew 7:16

How crazy are the Republicans?

This crazy.

I urge you to listen to the entire 8-minute tirade, meanwhile remembering that this person was a legitimate contender for the Republican nomination for president -- as were Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan.

As are, this year, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum.

Meanwhile, in the crazy candidate contest, the Democrats have no one -- not a single person -- in the same league.

Kucinich is about as crazy but he was never a contendah.

If you were not raised on the Bible, Matthew 7:16 is the place where it says "by their fruits you shall know them."


  1. How crazy are the Republicans?

    This crazy.

    This could be a fun, but very, very stupid game.

    Pick the most outrageous comment by a member of the opposition, and generalize it to the entire opposition.

    How about this: "You can keep your physician."

    Who said that? A progressive.

    Was that nonsense? Completely.

    Therefore everything progressives have ever said anywhere is complete nonsense.


  2. ' "You can keep your physician." '

    Whatever one thinks about that, it boogles the mind that anyone would call it 'crazy.'

    And no one would call it nonsense, either. Deceptive maybe. Mistaken maybe. Naive maybe.

    But not nonsense and not crazy.