Friday, July 29, 2016

O’Reilly Wiki’d

RtO has obtained the transcript of Bill O’Reilly’s work session for his O’Reilly File report presented the day after  Michelle Obama’s speech in Philadelphia.

O’Reilly’s work sessions have been audio and video taped since about 2012 at the insistence of Fox News’ legal department. It is not known how Wikileaks obtained this transcript but it came from a source that has been reliable in the past.

Michelle Obama’s remarks about slave labor being used to build the White House open a topic that many Americans know little about. But her statement requires some context.

The men working on the White House around 1800 were slave and free white and black. And isn’t that what makes America great?

Labor was scarce in early Washington, which was being raised out of a literal swamp, so overseers, uh, labor bosses contractors were wise to recruit carefully and treat their hands well.  The image of slaves being driven with a whip is liberal obfuscation.

The men building the people’s Executive Mansion were given good food –- pork and corn bread – and the government supplied comfortable housing. (Note to research staff –find picture of government housing for slave workers)
Attractive, comfortable government housing for workers
(Video shows O’Reilly in a reverie) You know, sometimes I wouldn’t mind living in government housing. Down in the projects, y’know. Have you seen the prices of even a 2-bedroom in a District neighborhood with good schools and bars? And I remember what the old guys used to say when I was growing up: I’m glad I’m a white man but I’d give anything to be a nigger on Saturday night.

(Jerks self back to job at hand. Picks up memo and reads aloud) Must be from that Murdoch boy who’s filling in for Roger. What’s his name? The dorky one. “Your theme for tonight’s O’Reilly File should concentrate on the theme, why is Michelle so uppity, without saying so in so many words. Let our viewers know that slavery was an integral part of the American experience, and not nearly so unpleasant as portrayed by that Jew Zuckerman may Allah roast him in the fire.”

Which one signed this?  Huh? “By (can’t quite make it out) for Mr. Murdoch.” Well, we’ll see about that. Bill O’Reilly deals only with Top People. If Murdoch wants to deal with me he’ll deal with me one-to-one.

Doesn’t he know how many millions I bring into this station? I can carry my audience elsewhere, y’know, Mr. High-and-Mighty Immigrant from Down Under, just like Glenn Beck.

(Editor’ note: according to the New York Times, $100 million a year, from which must be deducted O’Reilly’s $20 million salary and the production costs of the show; the net to the Murdochs is about what they spend polishing their yachts.)

(A blonde research assistant enters the office. O’Reilly cannot remember her name, only that she’s the one with the big bazongas.) “Is thereanything else, Mr. O’Reilly?”

“Call me Bill. Check back after sign-off, I‘ll have a special job for you.”

What else can we say about slave workers? They got a guaranteed retirement with none of the risks in a 401(k), two weeks vacation, great medical, and a company-sponsored softball league that played the team building the Capitol after work on Saturday night, with all the iced beer and watermelon a darkie could want.

(Scribbles notes, rings for research assistant) Check these facts for me, honey. And be quick about it.

(In another reverie) God, I wonder what it’s like to pork that Melania. She’s got legs like a Barbie doll and brains to match. I wonder if with the right approach Donald would go for a three-way.

(Comes back to job)

Religion and family values. I need to get those into the piece. Let’s see.

And the black worker on the White House – just like the white workers – lived with their families in traditional male-female marriages and on Sundays they worshipped their God at the church of their choice. And really, isn’t that what makes America great? You can marry whoever you want, within traditional frameworks, and worship Jesus just as you please; and if you don’t like it where you are, why, the American way is to pull up stakes and strike out for a better life somewhere else.

It’s divisive liberals like Michelle Obama who leave that part out. And for tonight, that’s the O’Reilly bile, I mean File.

God, it’s a lot of work to fill up just 90-seconds of air. Where’s that research assistant?

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