Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What the community wants

I went to a meeting of the revived Wailuku Community Association Monday evening. Community is an exaggeration. Of about 20 people there, all but 5 or 6 were on the county payroll.

Of the private citizens, all were business owners. No one who lives in Wailuku was present.

The featured speaker was Marc Fenton, who said that by reducing parking and making streets narrower, our mobility and quality of life would improve. Business would perk up.

Dunno who he meant. Not my family. 

My mother is 92; she has balance problems and walks with a cane. She is not going to be bicycling to the store.

I walk and could bicycle if I wanted to, but my wife requires bottled oxygen and cannot walk far. We are not going to be bicycling to the store.

My daughter is 34 and runs marathons. She could ride a bicycle, but she has children ages 6, 4 and 2. They will not be bicycling to the store.

So who does Marc Fenton want to tear up our streets, parking lots and zoning ordinances in favor of?  Well-to-do, unattached, healthy young people. Special Snowflakes.

He made another presentation to the planners and council today. I did not go but I've been to 4 or 5 of these bj's before. No doubt he was petted and praised, as he was Monday night. And no doubt nothing will happen, because the grown-ups will (again) recognize this for the specious nonsense it has always been.

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