Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why you cannot trust cops

The Los Angeles Times follows up on the arrest of Wyclef John on suspicion of robbery. It was a case of operating on a vague description.

OK. That is inevitable in police work. Witnesses don't usually provide exact information and, besides, there are tens of thousands of men around Los Angeles wearing "dark hoodies."

The problem with cops is that 1. they don't really use the descriptions they have; and, 2., worse, they make stuff up:

 Sheriff's officials said that Jean was handcuffed "due to the violent nature of the call," because of the similarity of their cars, the time of day the incident was unfolding and "Mr. Jean’s furtive movements and demeanor."
Oh, furtive movements.

Not credible, even for a police agency with a clean record, which the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has never had.

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