Friday, April 14, 2017

Makes me wonder

If Facebook is, as some of my rightwing friends claim, a left-leaning business, why does it force Ann  Coulter's racist taunts onto my news feed?

Has-been, except on Facebook

* * *

The other evening, I found myself at a soiree for an international conference of libertarian economists.  One I talked with is the administrator of the Liberty Fund, which publishes pro-slavery books in lavish editions sold at very low prices in an attempt to, I must suppose, get our young people on board with slavery.

He told the friend who  dragged me to the soiree that Liberty Fund has an endowment of $500,000,000.00. I did not learn which billionaires ponied up for that, but I am sure they expect value for money.

Senator Elizabeth Warren says (I am sure it is not original with her) that if you're not on the guest list, you're on the menu.

* * *

Weird. When I asked Google Images to find me a picture of Coulter, it offered me a SafeSearch option to save me from any "explicit images." That's the first time Google Images has ever worried about my fee-fees in that respect .


  1. I am not going to spread them. I dislike having them thrust on me.

    But I take your comment to be rhetoricsl.

  2. Now she's linking to VDARE. 'Nuff said

  3. why does it force Ann Coulter's racist taunts onto my news feed?

    What racist taunts?

    Linking to them, and labeling them accordingly, would perfectly make your point.

    That you haven't means you can't. And also means you are a liar.

    RtO standard.

  4. You could subscribe to her Twitter or visit her website. I'm not going to do either because I don't have to.

    Before you started acting like a 2-year-old, I was planning to note that in its coverage of the speech/not speech, the Los Angeles Times describes Coulter as a conservative. She's not. She's a nazi.

    Should she speak at Berkeley, protests are appropriate; peaceful would be wiser and more effective.

    The question, though, is why are the college Republicans inviting an out-and-out nazi to speak? Because they are childish provocateurs, or because they are at heart nazis?

    Are adult Republicans counseling them against linking their party to the nazis? Not publicly. We can hope the adults are doing so behind the scenes, but with the head of the party endorsing the nazi candidate for president in France, it seems overoptimistic to think the adult Republicans really are trying to prevent the amalgamation of the GOP and the neonazi movement.

    Some things, Skipper, are diagnostic: promoting VDARE or making pilgrimages to pay homage to Degrelle.

  5. You remain a lying sack of merde -- paragraphs of BS to avoid acknowledging you are making it all up.

  6. You are afraid to look because you know I am right

  7. No, you fool. I don't follow Coulter at all. You made the charge -- you back it up.

    The amount of pixels you have slain avoiding the obvious is conclusive evidence that a) she isn't a racist and b) you are a lying sack of merde.

    As always, should not actually be engaging in the kind of loathsome defamation that would have made you the KGB Denouncer of the Month, every month, then I shall abjectly apologize.

    As always, you never take the opportunity.

    Hmmm ...

  8. I don't follow Coulter either. FB forces her on me. I could, of course, block her, but it has been educational -- in a creepy way -- to have been exposed to her.

    Skipper, you are mighty slow on the uptake. You are afraid to listen to Coulter. I am not concerned about that. Nor are your accusations hurtful, since I know that if anyone else cares, they either 1) already know about Coulter's racism; or 2) will find it out as soon as they encounter her.

  9. [Harry:] Skipper, you are mighty slow on the uptake. You are afraid to listen to Coulter.

    I'm not afraid of Coulter. I just don't believe a damn thing you say about anyone else without their words.

    On account of long experience. ("Teabaggers changed 'let him die'")