Monday, May 8, 2017

Gangdom style

As long as there have been cities, there have been street gangs. In Shakespeare's day, London seethed and trembled at the prospect of rioting apprentices.

On the 1840s, Manhattan was regaled and repulsed by the violent attacks of gangs with  names like the Dead Rabbits.

Just 50 years ago, the fictional but lifelike Jets and Sharks rumbled with tire chains and knives.

Not much changes in the structure and habits of gangdom. But one thing has. Read this Los Angeles Times report of some gang attacks n Chicago yesterday and see if youcan guess what it is:

Two people were killed and eight others were wounded in an attack at the site of a memorial for a man who was slain earlier Sunday in the Brighton Park neighborhood, police said.


The arming of America has not made America safer.


  1. America is waaaay too safe as it is. Why on earth would you want to make it safer?

  2. I live in one of the safest parts and I like it that way.

  3. Firearms.

    The arming of America has not made America safer.

    Wow, what an assault against reason that is.

    Pro-tip: Chicago ≠ America.

    Crime rates have plummeted since most states became shall-issue. So the question you need to ask, although you won't, is why murder rates are skyrocketing in Chicago, but scarcely anywhere else.

    Despite all the guns everywhere else.