Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rude, crude and unglued

If you perhaps thought that Whiny Baby Donald's stupid behavior toward Madame Macron was his worst display of sexism this month, you're wrong.

President Trump says he went over to chat with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a dinner in Germany this month because his seat mate, the wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, didn't speak any English.

Akie Abe “doesn’t speak English … like, not ‘Hello,’” Trump told the New York Times in an interview Wednesday.

Not so.

Mrs. Abe, the daughter of a wealthy Japanese family, attended a private Roman Catholic international school in Tokyo before she attended college.

The elementary-through-high-school academy, the Sacred Heart School, includes rigorous English-language instruction as part of its curriculum.

Social media swiftly found clips of the 55-year-old Abe making speeches in somewhat accented but perfectly serviceable English.

WBD is like a mooncalf in his adoration of  Vlad.

AFTERTHOUGHT: If he and Mrs. Abe had stayed together, the one with greater command of English would have been Mrs. Abe


  1. I think everyone can agree Trump's personality is opposite to everything japanese.

  2. I live in a heavily Japanese community. There are 2 aspects of Japanese personal behavior: the self-effacing one and, less common but very visible, the very aggressive, self-centered one.

    Trump is aggressive and self-centered but, unlike the Japanese version, not (in my opinion) fundamentally self-confident. He blusters because mommy and daddy didn't love him and he's spent all his life wanting to be sure someone loves him.

    Thus the bootlicking Scaramucci.