Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Service Mark of the Beast

According to Bloomberg News, the Kusher Cos. are over a billion dollars in the hole and, having sold most of their income-producing assets, have no way to pay their debts, specially at 666 5th Ave..

So the China scam earlier this year looks more and more like what it always looked like: grifters grifting on the public dime.

This is what an administration of businessmen looks lik -- at least, one ofbusinessmen of smallish accomplishments.

Except that the amounts are comparatively trifling, the Kushner miscalculation reminds me of Olympia & York's bust over simultaneous real estate declines at Canary Wharf and in Manhattan. And if Bloomberg is correct, Charlie Kushner brought it down by forgetting that figures don't lie.

 Query: although Jared Kushner is supposed to be separated from the family business, his eassets are closely tied up with them nevertheless.  Is worry over going bust distracting him from saving the Middle East?

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