Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Jeff Sessions, racist

RtO once said that Jeff Sessions is always about race. It's true. Everything that comes out of his mouth is dog-whistle.

Now.,thanks to the anger generated by the assault on the Dreamers, various left voices are publicizing what may have been his most open racist statement. It was made in 2015, and publicized in January when he was nominated to become attorney general. (I did not learn about it then.)

In it he tells a receptive audience -- the neo-nazi Steve Bannon -- that the 1924 immigration law "was good for America."

As everyone knows, the act was pure racism.

I happen to be reading Richard Moe's "The Last Full Measure," the history of the First Minnesota Volunteer Regiment, one of the most honored formations in the Union Army.

Over 40% of the volunteers were immigrants, most had been in America just a few years. They understood American values well enough. Better than the first unit of traitors they fought, at Bull Run, the 4th Alabama.

The people who bray about American values or western values neither understand nor behave as if they honor those values.


  1. What about the argument DACA was not in solid ground?

  2. Meaningless. Immigration laws are not enforced because business does not want them enforced. Business, you'll have noticed, is either silent or enthusiastic about DACA.

    No businesses are opposed to it.