Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shhh. The market is asleep

One blog I read often is Volokh Conspiracy, written by libertarian law professors, who are remarkably good-natured about the commenters, who often hang them out to dry. But they keep plugging away, mostly.

Some of the conspirators don't allow comments, or not always. An interesting example, on several fronts, for a market- and property-skeptic like me, was put up by Professor Kenneth Anderson this weekend. It links back to a New York Times story about Valley Fever.

I had not heard anything about Valley Fever and was not pleased to learn that it is all over Arizona, where I am going soon.

It affects mostly poor workers in the soil, so perhaps I will escape.

Anderson says:

The reason for little action on the three fronts of diagnostic tests, vaccines, and treatments is the usual problem with orphan diseases – not enough of a market.  With 20,000 cases reported across the Southwest last year – almost certainly an undercount – and the number rising, while the geographic incidence is turning out to be much more widespread across the Southwest than thought – maybe that will change.  Maybe not.
I'm putting my money on maybe not.

Some years ago, Anderson tried to interest a rich property-owner in doing something about it but no soap. Ah, who else might one conceivably turn to?

Anderson seems unable to think of anyone, and he has turned off comments, so if any RtO readers could possibly, by some flash of insight, get an idea, there's no easy way to clue Professor Anderson in.

What to do? What to do? Such a conundrum.

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