Sunday, February 9, 2014

Domestic science

Every now and then I visit the Encyclopedia American Loons, which appears to be the work of one very obsessive guy. A little is enough. Through the power of links, I was introduced to something called RationalWiki which is an encyclopedia of loons run as a collective. All by way of introducing a short but poignant and suggestive paragraph that demonstrates that life among the crazy is pretty lively:
Makow had a falling out with fellow crank Jeff Rense over Makow's insistence that the Fukushima accident was intentional. Rense didn't believe him, and refused to continue linking to Makow. Makow then teamed up with Rense's 7th wife to claim Rense has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.[10] Makow maintains a section on his site dedicated to pointing out Rense's character flaws.
Hmmm. I don't know whether I am more impressed by a vendetta by a seventh wife or the indication that there are some things too crazy even for professional nuts. My life seems colorless by comparison.

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