Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quack, quack

While noodling around on the innertubes, I sometimes come across things that shock me. Maybe they shouldn't at my age, but they do. When I was preparing the previous post, I searched for "eagar + guinea worm" in order to find the link to an RtO post from 2008. Whenever I do a search like that, I usually get some results for Eagar, Ariz., a tourist town that was settled by (my brother tells me) three brothers from the Mormon Battalion who were probably not our relatives. The links are most often to motels or restaurants, but this time up came one of the most blatant quackery come-ons I have ever seen, and as a reader of Science-Based Medicine, I've seen some of the worst. How do I know it is quackery? Because guinea worm is not found in the New World and because it could not be treated by stem cells anywhere; and any number of other signals that you will find yourself if you click over and read that twaddle. I have given up worrying that if I publicize a crooked link like that, someone will be led to it and be taken in and fleeced of all they own or die from buying quack treatments for a real disease. Hey, if it happens, it's your funeral.

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