Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Doc is in!

I look forward to Sundays, because that's when Doc Zoom continues his long-running review of Christian history books aimed at the home schoolers. Today he is especially hot, perhaps because the books have gotten to the '90s, and there are few things that bring out the crazy in evangelical Christians like Bill Clinton.

In any event, Doc is rewarding reading today.

However, the choicest morsel is not directly concerned with Clinton. It is more about the uncanny ability of rightwing loons to ignore what's right in front of them in favor of believing whatever nutty component of their delusions is to the fore at the moment.

Soon, an outcry arose from those who saw the (proposed health insurance ) plan as too expensive and too intrusive into American life.
Whew! Thank goodness the 100% Americans beat health care reform to death and saved us from rising medical costs ever since 1995.

Still charging the old, low rates

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