Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vote fraud

Well, the rightwingers cannot provide any evidence, either to the courts or the public, that people are using fake IDs to vote for -- presumably -- liberals, so we are justified in thinking their drive for new voter ID laws are just racism, especially since their record on other race issues is so bad.

But just because liberals are not violating election laws en masse, that does not mean nobody is.

The day after the latest primary is ripe with smelly reports from GOPland. It is hard to decide which is weirder. I am inclined to go with this one:

A candidate who finished fourth in the Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in South Dakota was charged on Wednesday with violating campaign election laws, prosecutors said.
Annette Bosworth, 42, a doctor from Sioux Falls, was charged with six counts each of perjury and filing false documents and accused of falsely claiming she was gathering nominating petition signatures in South Dakota when she was really in the Philippines, the South Dakota Attorney General’s Office said.
Details are lacking, so it is hard to guess 1) why she found that necessary; or 2) how she thought no one would notice.  But she appears to be, well, nuts:

Bosworth made national news during her unsuccessful campaign for a social media post comparing food stamp recipients to wild animals

But wait! There's more! Down in Mississippi:

there is NO REASON to think that the three people who got locked into the Hinds County Courthouse in Jackson, Mississippi were doing anything nefarious. They just happened to accidentally get stuck in the closed courthouse after midnight on the night that ballots were being counted in the Thad Cochran / Chris McDaniel Senate primary that was too close to call. And one of them is a top campaign official for tea party candidate McDaniel.
 This is not, on its face, as funny as the Doctor Who Was in Two Places at Once, but the comments are hilarious.

One of the three was also part of what (so far) is the weirdest incident of the current campaigns, the break-in to video the ga-ga wife of Senator Cochran in her nursing home bed.

Those Tea Partiers, what a bunch of cutups!

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long -- Mississippi gains on SoDak:

"It's a fabrication that someone pointed them to a door," Hinds County Sheriff's Department spokesman Othor Cain told the Clarion-Ledger. "I think that's a total misrepresentation of fact. None of our guys let anybody in."

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