Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gun nuggets

How responsible, highly trained peace officers manage firearms. Let's choose some lowlights from that report:

The (Honolulu) officer was in the restroom when he accidentally fired his gun, and the pictures sent to us by a viewer shows the bullet ricocheted off the stall door and hit another stall.
Officers investigated after the 911 call was made but there were no reports available to the public.

 last month . . . an officer accidentally fired his gun and killed himself at home.

 HPD also says the officer will remain on patrol during the investigation.
This refers to the live one not the dead one. And:

Bakke says that doesn’t make sense “because any time there’s a discharge of a firearm by a police officer, it’s standard procedure that they’re put on desk duty basically.”
HPD says it’s not necessary.
“At this time, we feel that he’s not endangering the public,” said police chief Louis Kealoha. “He didn’t do a criminal act. It was an accidental discharge. We’re doing an administrative investigation, not a criminal investigation.”
He didn't endanger anybody by shooting his pistol in a public restroom in a department store? Kealoa needs to be fired for incompetence and stupidity.

Moving on to New Mexico, what could possibly go wrong when a business encourages its workers to carry loaded weapons and smoke dope? Oh.

On Sept. 17, 2011, Black says, as she stood on a ladder inventorying guns in a storage area, Rubi "pulled the .38 revolver from her rear pocket, pointed it at her buttocks and then with reckless disregard for her safety, pulled the trigger, shooting plaintiff with a single round from the revolver. Plaintiff collapsed on the ladder."
RtO contemplated but had nothing to say about the 9-year-old girl who killed an "instructor" with a submachine gun at an Arizona recreational center called Burgers & Brews. Beer and machine guns, what could go wrong? I should have contemplated the video (or the still taken from it) more carefully.

Because a commenter who did look closely noticed that the girl's target was a silhouette of a person. Some fun.

(While trying, and failing, to refind that comment, I did find this.)

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