Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A golden opportunity

For years now, RtO and others in the reality-based community have been calling the Tea Party racist. And just because dozens of party leaders and officials elected with party support kept making coon jokes about Barack Obama.

Well, ha! Mr. Smartypants RtO, now Ted Cruz is running for president, and in an improbable coincidence, the Tea Party's least-favorite former senator and its favorite sitting senator both have American mothers and foreign fathers.

So all the TP has to do to show up the snarky liberals and antiracists is to throw up the same challenges to Cruz's candidacy that it did to Obama's. That will show us.

We'll see.

If they don't, then the world will know the TP is as racist as I've always said. Somebody is going to look bad. Karma is an unforgiving bitch. 

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