Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shop till you're dropped

This would be a really good week for RtO to make fun of the child sacrifices the gun nuts offered to their god, but this is not going to be about toys for tots. If you follow the news at all, you already heard.

But you may not have seen the video from Florida that supposedly shows a successful use of a revolver against a bad guy with a water bottle.

It shows a store owner, who recognizes a customer from a sheriff's alert as a suspected burglar, whipping out his heater and pointing it at the customer's head from about 12-18 inches. The customer was not threatening anybody and he was not armed with anything more lethal than a bottle of water.

Lucky for the store owner -- this is Florida, after all -- that the other customer standing next to the hot and heavy heroism action apparently (and surprisingly -- this is Florida after all) was not packing heat himself. Because instead of reacting to the sight of a bad man with a gun and whipping out his own hogleg for a shootdown, he threw up his hands and backed off.

Under the Zimmermann doctrine -- this is Florida, after all -- he'd have been within his gun rights to shoot first and let god sort 'em out.

No doubt this store owner's stupid and dangerous action will go into the gun nut database as one of the 2,500,000 imaginary annual uses of firearms to protect the (fantasy) lives of frightened Americans.

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