Friday, April 3, 2015

Shades of Mr. Dooley

I nominate Gary Legum as the finest political satirist in America since Finley Peter Dunne. I gotta admit, there are not huge numbers of people vying for the title, and Legum is not the equal of Dunne, who covered the whole spectrum of our political foolishness.

Legum satirizes just one person, over and over. But what a piece of work is Peggy Noonan, and what does it say about the American right that she was the speechwriter for the Great Communicator and is still, in her dotage, given a proud place in that echo chamber of misplaced worrywarts, the Wall Street Journal?

It says as much as anyone needs to know, really. A political movement that takes Peggy Noonan seriously can never be taken seriously itself.

Anyhow, what you need to know about the right reaction to the Iran negotiations is right here.

Do yourself two favors. Read Dunne if you haven't, and go to and read more Legums.

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