Monday, August 31, 2015

They took Frankie Valli's advice

Walk like a man, he said.

Two robbers who stole over £50,000 worth of cash [and] jewellery while dressed in burkas were foiled when passers-by realised they walked like men.
And then the cops tackled them, even though the bobbies, being English, were unarmed and the robbers had shown a firearm. So, I am often asked when I write about guns, do I think American police need to be armed?

And my answer is, no, not routinely in a society governed by sane laws. But we aren't there yet.


  1. Hmmm. Rate of violent crime is extremely low by our standards. Do you have a point?

  2. Two points. First, the claims confiscationists make are bollocks.

    Second, and you raised it: compare like against like, then re-answer your own question.