Thursday, September 3, 2015

Living in sin

So there's this bigot named Kim Davis who's getting a lot of attention. Way more than she deserves, considering that there are over 3,000 counties in the United States and all but three are now marrying homosexual couples.

Since nobody else is stating the obvious, it's time for RtO to do it. I prefer to let other people do it and then give them a hat tip.

Probably what's going on is, the reporters don't know much about evangelical Christianity, and the Christian bigots making hay out of Davis's cause are not going to point out the obvious because then there'd be no more hay.

Davis's position is that she's defending god's rules about marriage. Her version of god is quite clear about this, you gotta marry your brother-in-law's widow (if one is available) and stay married. Stay married in any case. (There are other requirements but they don't enter into the instant case.)

Back in the day, Davis was a marryin' fool. Four times and nary a chance to wear those fetching widow's weeds.

Well, that was before she became a Christian. Well, up to four years ago, she was one but she either didn't take it personal or she was in one of those slack cults.  So she got in a real hard-nosed cult and learned she shouldn't have been doing all that divorcing and sinning against the Eighth (or Ninth, depending on who's counting) Commandment. She repented and was forgiven.

Except she's still sinning. She should go back to husband #1, to whom she is still married in the rules of the Bible; or at least stop cohabiting with husband #4 (who was also #2).

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