Monday, May 16, 2016

Fun with guns!

RtO hasn't made fun of gun nuts for, oh, several days now. All the stoikes about toddlers shooting themselves or being shot were too depressing.

But lo! Texas, armed and stupid always.

Seems a Marine general cleared his weapon in former governor Rick Perry's driveway by sending the bullet through his foot.

The page that funnels this entirely unsurprising news, Juanita Jean's The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Parlor  Inc., looks like fun.

Some of the inhabitants not so much:

          Micr says:
I carry a Colt Combat Commander (semi-automatic caliber .45 ACP handgun) cocked, locked and ready to rock. One round under the hammer, thumb safety pushed up toward the rear sight. The first round from Sam Colt’s semi-automatics is single action, all rounds shot thereafter are double action.

Juanita Jean's on a roll

One day a general, another day a cop. Juanita Jean loves her a man in uniform

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