Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pray you do not get sick, Deplorables

The most unhappy of all Americans following Trump’s victory will be Republican congressmen who for the past 7 years have been declaring Obamacare a disaster and voting every two months to repeal it.

Now they can and replace it with something better, as so often promised.


Trump suggests health savings accounts, a favorite idea from the ‘70s that never worked. (I had a version of one once.)

I realize that Trump voters are lost when higher mathematics kicks in (anything beyond what they can count with their socks off), but consider this:

One day in a hospital room costs upwards of $15,000.

The average family in Oxycontinland makes maybe $600 a week.

Let us say they save 10% of their gross pay.

Solve for how many weeks they must save (each week incurring no medical expenses to draw down their savings balance) in order to afford one day of hospital care. Express your answer in years.


  1. One day in a hospital room costs upwards of $15,000.


  2. Never mind your factual inadequacies, this issue was already dealt with here.

    Absent your self defeating nastiness about math skills, which is particularly ironic given your oft demonstrated innumeracy and logic fails.

  3. I have seen the bill for my friend's wife's stays, and for her it was over $16,000. Dunno what that site represents but not reality.

  4. OK, then find a different source with better info.

    I had a several day stay in the hospital once not too long ago, and it came to about $5000 per day, right in line with the link I provided.

    (What is it with progs and evidence, anyway?)

  5. I'm not sure how the argument changes, based on $15k/day vs. $5k/day. Either billing rate is unsustainable for the vast majority of people.

  6. M, to argue rationally requires staying within shouting distance of the facts.

    Not Harry's forte.

  7. Skipper does not understand that he got a discount because his bill was paid by an insuror. With no insurance, the patient will be billed at the rack rate, which will likely be above $15,000.

    I agree that the $5K rate is beyond the reach of We the People. I am looking forward to the time when they start getting their bills under the New World Order.

    If we cannot have good government, at least we can anticipate a raree show. Pass the popcorn

  8. No Harry, I completely understand that you didn't bother looking to see if your pronunciamento bore any resemblance to reality. The reason I understand that is because I checked.

    And, to make matters worse, you clearly have no understanding of "cost shifting" where people who pay full freight, pay for themselves, and a chunk of those who don't.

    But that's not surprising. Missing two completely obvious things in one post is way below your average. The thread is young, though, so there's still hope.

    No. Wait. Make that three things:

    I agree that the $5K rate is beyond the reach of We the People. I am looking forward to the time when they start getting their bills under the New World Order.

    Which fairy tale land do you live in?

    Haven't you heard that people are getting their bills under the Obama World Order, and they don't like it even a little bit?

    Perhaps you should read newspapers.

  9. Actually, they like it a lot.

    Few who get the full bill pay it. They can't. So, depending upon a variety of circumstances, they declare bankruptcy, the hospital writes off a loss.

    Maybe you ought to talk to your company's hr department. You might learn something.

  10. Bollocks, Harry. The ACA is sinking like a greased safe, something you haven't noticed.

    Perhaps should read newspapers, you might learn a few things.

    And once again, another accusation of yours is vaporous.

    Why is it that progs lie as a matter of course? You should know; after all, you are an expert.

  11. We have a coming president who doesn't even know what the ACA is.

    It will be destroyed by him and his ignorant backers.

    Then they will get the bill. And I will laugh and laugh and laugh.

  12. Harry, Obama himself destroyed the ACA. If you read newspapers, even the blinkered ones, like the NYT, you'd know what a flaming wreck it is.

    But since you are an ideologically blinded liar, and you have frequently stated you would have been perfectly happy denouncing your neighbors to Stalin's minions, then it comes as no surprise that you are completely ignorant.


    Regardless, an intelligent discussion requires taking on board reality as it is, not as you wish it to be. RtO standard operating procedure is all about the latter.

  13. 'you have frequently stated you would have been perfectly happy denouncing your neighbors to Stalin's minions'

    Really? Was I going to accuse them of bourgeois revisionism or Trotskyite wrecking?

  14. Both. Whatever it would have taken. I can't count the number of times you have mentioned your admiration of Stalin, and that the only reason the USSR didn't succeed was insufficient denunciations.

  15. I am genuinely concerned about your mental stability, Skipper. You have gone around the bend

  16. Look in the mirror Harry. If what I said above is an indication I have gone around the bend, then so is:

    Since you have repeatedly objected to each and every instance of calling rightwingers racists ...


    Let's see, who did I hear from repeatedly about singling out Chrysler in wage negotiations?

    Oh yeah, that was you.

    Among just the most recent.

    The difference is, I'll happily admit that I made up that whole Stalin thing. On the other hand, when called out on the very same thing, your response is prevarication, misdirection, and SQUIRREL.

    I have a better idea, why don't you knock that shit off?