Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump out-Hitlers Hitler

It took Hitler nearly 3 months to hand down a decree excluding students from universities because of their religion. Trump, 9 days.


  1. What business does a devout muslim have in the west?

    ("Trump out-Hitlers Hitler" = a chicken shouting the sky is falling: if you want to be written off as a rabid crank, keep it up. I'm sure it will work just peachy in 2018 and 2020.)

  2. You need to spend more time in Europe.

    But maybe not. I suspect dhimmitude becomes you.

    1. We go to Europe quite a lot. Hitler isn't very popular there either. I think Europeans resent the millions of dead people he created making Germany Great Again. The holocaust was a public relations nightmare.

    2. ligonlaw, if you think Trump has out-Hitlered Hitler, then you have completely lost your moral bearings, and almost certainly any sense of history.

  3. You haven't responded to my point, Skipper, other than to let us know you don't like it. But it's accurate, isn't it?

  4. Harry, since you, as nearly always, fail to provide a source -- and I'm not about to do your work for you -- then I can't say for certain whether it is accurate.

    However, provided the text of Hitler's decree, and that of Trump's executive order, I'd be willing to be that they bear absolutely no resemblance whatsoever, in degree or kind. And that exclusion of certain people from universities was the sole intent of Hitler's decree, and an unintended side effect from Trump's executive order.

    In other words, I predict that, provided the facts, they would show you are equating chalk and cheese.

    Thereby making yourself out to be a rabid crank. (Which we already knew, so no surprise there.)

    Continually doing this sort of thing -- calling Trump a racist, misogynist, or homophobe, etc when he has done nothing to fit the definitions means you will have lost all credibility if he ever does.

    Trump badly needs opposition, and you twits are blowing it.

  5. I'm skipping past all those and calling him what he is -- Nazi

  6. Thereby proving yourself a rabid crank. And an asshole.

  7. You might be curious to find out what the executive order actually contains.

    Oh. Wait. Harry? Curious? NFW.


    So is the whole world. Time to eat your words

  9. Nacht und nebel. I had partially prepared an analyis of Trump as nazi. I may still publish it, but it isn't necessry. The American press is doing a good enough job:

  10. So is the whole world. Time to eat your words

    No, it isn't. The Trump administration (and the Obama administration not a couple years ago) is resorting to a utilitarian argument to justify a temporary -- yes, I'll use the word -- ban on immigrants from a particular part of the world.

    You, and your witless, knee-jerk fellow travelers immediately reach for the nazi card.

    Well, let's think about this for a bit. Until recently, Mosul was under attack from Iraqis. Many people within Mosul were going to die. Therefore, we should have airlifted every inhabitant willing to leave to the United States and given them refugee status.


    Of course not. Even you aren't that stupid. Which reminds me of this joke: A man at a bar offers a woman $10,000 to sleep with him. She readily agrees. Then he changes the bargain, offering $100 instead. Her response? "What do you think I am, a whore?" To which he says: "I already know what you are, now we are settling on a price."

    You are a whore.

    Since, I presume, you wouldn't admit all those Mosul residents, then you agree that not doing so is justifiable. Now it is a matter of deciding at what point it isn't.

    The problem here should be, but isn't, obvious to you: The moment you start deflecting an argument by labeling its adherents racists, or nazis, or whatever other stupidly vituperative smear you have on hand, then you have failed to take that argument on board, and answer it.

    When you don't, and because you are such a thoughtless zealot, you never do, then you never take the opportunity to find where a justifiable line is, thereby making yourself hostage to the most extreme version of an argument you yourself must make.

    You idiot. Really, you are, in this regard, so relentlessly moronic you don't even know when you are punching your lights out.

    If, instead of calling everyone who advocates a different degree of what you must -- you racist islamophobic nazi, you -- you put forward the argument that, yes, if we apply X level of screening, then we will, inevitably, suffer Y amount of casualties; however, X is so much greater than Y that we, as brave, compassionate, Americans should step up to the plate and do so.

    You have never done so. Lord knows that His Obamaness, whose fear of using the word Islam was just as great as Voldemort in JK Rowling's universe, didn't either. You, Obama, and all progs did nothing more than sling the tar brush, and ignore your stinking hypocrisy.

    Angela Merkel is a prog through and through. Opened the door for millions of muslims. Never bothered to make the utilitarian argument. May well have scuttled the EU. And all along, and for years before, the response to those who objected to this insanity was the same as you, here: racist, nazi.

    Ignore Rotherham, Cologne, Stockholm. Ignore the no-go areas (and if you think they don't exist, you are even dumber than I already know you are). Ignore the special demands. Ignore the potential collapse of the EU. Ignore the fact that other Islamic countries won't take their fellow believers.

    That you think either of your links points to Naziism rather than sloppy implementation further reinforces your glaring inability to think through even the most simple, obvious concepts. As if further proof was needed.

    So, as I have mentioned several times over the last couple months. Just go ahead and keep trying to ostracize and demonize -- that the progs' superpower -- instead of taking on board a contrary argument and understanding it.

    And you will continue to not understand why so many people hate progs, just as you continue to be colicky 2-yr old crybullies as you lose elections across the spectrum.

    After all, it is working great for you so far.


  11. Several months ago, This American Life did an hour on St Paul, MN and the influx of Somali refugees.

    I must give credit where it is due. Unlike almost all progs, TAL makes a solid effort to see the world from the other side. In this piece, they get close.

    But they fail.

    I'll bet you can't guess why.

    Because you are a progidiot.

  12. You are very free with assigning motives to people, aren't you?

    Since the total of casualties originating in the countries targeted by Nazi Trump was 0, his actions cannot lower them.

    It is speculative, but not implausible, that his actions will generate more casualties. It is certain that they will harm American interests, one of which is freedom of conscience.

  13. You are very free with assigning motives to people, aren't you?

    You, who on the basis of precisely zero evidence, accuses people of being Nazis? Really?

    Please, by all means, go straight to hell, you rabid hypocrite.

    Since the total of casualties originating in the countries targeted by Nazi Trump was 0, his actions cannot lower them.

    How does that saying go: History isn't indicative of future performance?

    Your conclusion is ludicrous.

    It is certain that they will harm American interests, one of which is freedom of conscience.

    How many Wahabbists should the US allow in?

    Do you like making yourself into an idiot?