Monday, November 27, 2017

First world problems

Apparently, the Trump White House feels it is not lying enough.

Practice, practice, practice.

BTW, Sanders, a Google Images search for "homemade pecan pie" turns up this as the first hit. Easy peasy.


  1. To be fair, she would never bake one as good as the one she bought.

  2. Probably. Pecan pie is not that difficult.

    There is more to it. She is infantilizing her office and attempting to drag the press along with her. Her demand last week that each question be preceded by a statement of thanks was on the level of a second-grade classroom.

    She presumably is getting orders from Kelly who started by taking questions only from military families.

    Trivial in itself, it indicates incompetence, petulance and childishness.

  3. It sure does - but, and to be fair again, we couldn't expect different from a Trump press secretary.

    'How the mighty have fallen' is the best description of these days.

  4. Yet some people love it. erp, for example, continues to send me gloating messages although I have asked her to stop

  5. You should pay back giving her your opinion. It is what I do. She ends up hearing what she did not want, which is only fair, since she is sending you her own too.

  6. Nope. 1) she is impervious to information that doesn't suit her; and 2) I have purged all racists from my life

  7. You are purging all the fun you had by calling them all racists on their face too.

  8. I'll move on. I don't suppose that, for example, Bret still thinks I was over the top calling Trump a nazi now.

    It's Restating the Obvious. Once the rest of the world wakes up to unacknowledged obviousness, I'll have to find another example. There's lots of opportunity

  9. I suppose Bret still thinks you were over the top on that one.

    Mostly, no one convinces anybody in the internet, it is a venue to read, to be read, and to call each other names :-)

  10. I do not agree. I read to learn and change my views sometimes.

  11. erp, for example, continues to send me gloating messages although I have asked her to stop

    Prove it.

  12. Harry is not lying about Erp sending him e-mails, Skipper.

  13. [Clovis:] Harry is not lying about Erp sending him e-mails, Skipper.

    Harry made two assertions: erp is sending messages, and that those messages are gloating.

    Fine. Prove it.

    The point here, which should by now be abundantly obvious, is that Harry so often lies about almost everything, that asking for substantiation is a foregone conclusion.

    [Harry:] Please go away.

    I asked you many time so stop defaming me.

    You didn't.

    So I shall accord you exactly the same respect you accorded me.


  14. Skipper,

    I have proof Erp sends messages to him, because sometimes I get copied on them too, and she sometimes forget to use all the addresses in bcc format.

    I won't bother to prove it though, you are being silly for doubting it.

    I also agree with his description of her 'gloating', i.e. highlighting some Trump admin (or personal) act with smug satisfaction - that can easily be seen as gloating for the ones holding opposetive political opinions.

  15. Mistyping: That would be '"opposite political opinions".

  16. Okay, I'll take your word for it.