Friday, June 15, 2018

The mask drops

For a decade now rightwing Republicans have assured us that they need to defend our most sacred  right to vote by imposing strange regulations justified by absolutely nothing.

Yesterday the Supreme Court agreed with one of the stranger regulations.

Rightwing Republicans fell all over themselves in praising the decision and promised to extend it as many as possible of the other states.

It is worth pausing to contemplate the underlying fact that was presented to the court.

Who was prevented from voting? A foreigner? A doubledipper trying to vote twice in two different precincts? A person using a false identity to vote in someone else's place?

Well, no, none of those.

The person whose sacred right to vote was eliminated was a citizen would had lived in the same house for 16 years, who did not present himself as anyone else. He did not present himself at the wrong precinct, was not a felon and was in every way eligible to vote.

Under rightwing Republican control however he was prevented from voting.

As leftwingers -- and believers in democracy generally -- have said all along the Republican voter rights suppression drive has nothing to do with democracy or voting or anything admirable. The people pushing it do not believe in democracy, have never believed in democracy and before the Voting Rights Act there was no democracy where people like them were in charge. They're nothing but fascists in white shirts

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