Tuesday, July 10, 2018

No gag reflex

RtO at the time Gorsuch agreed to become an associate justice of the Supreme Court under the disgusting scheme of Sen. McConnell identified him as a moral failure.

The present open seat doesn't present so clearcut a moral test. Is it possible for an honorable person to accept an appointment from a president like Trump, especially an appointment in the judicial branch which he holds in such contempt?

Not under my personal rules of integrity, although I can see that there's an argument for doing so in the name of keeping government functioning.

The problem is that it is a proto-Nazi government and what person of honor wants to be associated with that?

Kavanaugh failed his moral test by not even getting to it. In his remarks introducing himself to the American public he simultaneously lied and lied and licked Trump's ass.

It is probably true that no one is going to get an appointment from Trump if he doesn't lick Trump's ass, but for the man who is supposed to be such a skilled thinker he ought to have been able to work his way around that.  That he didn't try or didn't recognize the problem demonstrates his lack of courage, integrity, honor, common sense and decency.

The perfect Trump appointee in every respect.