Monday, August 5, 2013

Not as far inside baseball as they thought

Even as an old newspaperman, I don't care about who is chairman of the Washington Post, and I really, really don't care if he wears lime-green Jimmy Choos.

So I care even less than nothing about how much the New Republic  worries about whether the New York Times' profile of the publisher was sexist for mentioning the shoes. (It may be that the Choos were the dress and the shoes were Blahniks. I don't care.)

I do note, however, that last week there was another boring survey about whether women are numerous enough in newsrooms or get all the bylines in the Times (see for hypertrohied worry), which fits ill with A.J. Liebling's admonition that until there are schools for publishers, it matters not whether there are schools for journalists.

Anyhow, presumably nobody will care any more about the publisher's Jimmy Choos now that the publisher has sold the job to Jeff Bezos. I bet he looks adorable in lime-green Jimmy Choos.

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