Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where have you been all my life?

Bradley Manning is shaping up as the Caryl Chessman of the 'Teens, an obviously guilty criminal who is the darling of the bleeding-heart liberals. Got that.

But I was floored by Dana Milbank's column on Manning's sentence in The Washington Post:

But whatever you think about Manning, his trial and his pretrial treatment exposed how zealous the national security state has been, even under this Democratic president.
Really, Dana, you didn't know about the zealous national security state until Manning let the cat out of the bag? And that a Democratic president would back it to the hilt?

I was born in 1946, just about the same time as the zealous national security state. It was Harry Truman who introduced loyalty oaths, and before that Wilson who purged national security threats by deporting hundreds on the "red ship."

Later came Jack Kennedy, murderer of Ngo Dinh Diem.

Ain't no flies on the Democrats when it comes to protecting our precious bodily fluids.

You might suppose that, with a largish fraction of leftists unsheathing their knives on Obama over this issue, that the Republicans would be at least trying to split off the moderate Democrats over it, but no, he's black, they're white, so he's still a seekrit Mooslim who hates America and white people.

I don't know which faction is more delusional on this issue. 

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