Saturday, August 30, 2014

Evolution of politics

Estimates that National Impeach Obama Day would draw dozens of patriots into the streets were wildly overhyped. (The group, which is perhaps the most transparent in politics, has a counter on its website, which has yet to hit 16,000, and I suspect half of those visits were from tourists like me who are not sympathizers.)

But I have a more vital question: When did political rallies start taking place on highway overpasses, looking down on motorists whizzing by at 60 mph? With the ralliers behind chainlink, looking for all the world like monkeys in the monkeyhouse?

We don't have overpasses like that on Maui. Can we complain that we are politically oppressed?

UPDATE: There was a Hawaii rally. According to the organization's Facebook page, 1 (count 'em, one) person went. You got to admire their transparency, or maybe they just haven't figured out how to disable the counter thingy.

UPDATE OF UPDATE: Wonkette, which has pictures of the Washington impeachment rally, reports that no one showed up there. A commenter claims the Hartford protest drew 1 person.

It is useful, perhaps, to recall that 99% of Americans do not watch Fox News. It may be that loud noises from a very small number of mouths have been mistaken for loud noises from many mouths, because decibel levels are not additive, y'know.

Commenter Billy_Reuben (who I suspect is a medical researcher; just a guess) was pretty funny:

Remember last week when we were all laughing and joking about how maybe only a dozen or two angry losers would show up? How did they manage to *still* under-perform to our predictions? Where do we go from here to recalibrate future expectations of their grabassery? Will future events be attended by fractions of a single protester? Negative integers? Imaginary numbers? How can you even try to model something so weird and dumb?
He then added:

Once we get to functions that involve a probabilistic number of demonstrators less than unity, we have arrived at "Schrödinger's nutjob" paradox.

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