Friday, August 8, 2014

Ultimate gun nuttery

 Readers outside Hawaii may or may not be aware that 2 tropical storms are heading our way (one has already passed without much impact). So people have been getting ready. Some fill water jugs and buy batteries. And some . . .
I have now seen five posts about people stocking up on ammunition for the hurricanes.
I'm gonna plant my big opinionated flag here:
If you are preparing to shoot, maim, or intimidate people who may find themselves in trouble or lacking supplies instead of trying to figure out ways you can help (even a little) your neighbors and fellow islanders - you are doing it wrong.
No not storm prep. You are doing life wrong.
That's a Facebook post by my younger daughter who lives on Oahu.

 I think she needs to get better quality friends, but I also think we need to confiscate all the guns. Because there is no way to tell who can be trusted to have one.


  1. No, that would be silly. but is an old, old ammosexual riposte, as if anybody is keeping his car by his side in order to repel boarders.

    You have to wonder about the mindset of these survivalists. Unless they think there will be no recovery, that the next hurricane will begin a descent into Mad Max territory, what do they think will happen to them when law and order -- especially law -- are restored? That they will not be prosecuted for murder for shooting down their neighbors?

  2. You have to wonder about the mindset of these survivalists.

    No, I have to wonder about the mindset of people like you.

    Exactly how many people did those survivalists shoot?

    Not approximately, exactly.

  3. No, that would be silly.

    There are plenty of drivers who can't be trusted, and cause a great many accidents, injuries, and deaths.

    Goose, meet gander.