Sunday, August 31, 2014

Who dunnit? Officer Friendly . . .

. . . in the laundry, with a clothes dryer.

I started to type what a weird story this is, but when it comes to frearms, it isn't weird at all. A little imaginative, though.

Heaven knows there's been more than plenty of material for a gun-grabber like me to work with lately, but stories about toddlers gunning down other toddlers are so old hat, y'know. But then along comes this story -- full of doubts and uncertainties though it is -- from Wisconsin, and it has it all:

The perp was a law officer, so trained in the responsible use of firearms (ha!). The victims were his (apparently) loving wife and her sister. No black-on-black street violence here; all in the family home by white folks. No word about who in the home was armed or how heavily.

There are suggestions that the lawman was crazy, possibly (who knows) as the result of disease (ALS, a bad one) or perhaps its treatment. Or maybe he wasn't stitched together, ever.

Trying to commit suicide by clothes dryer was a new one on me. The guy probably skipped science class.

I cannot wait to hear Wayne Lapierre explain how owning firearms improved this situation.

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