Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A good little girl, but without a gun

So much for the idea that keeping your home full of guns will allow you to cope with a bad man -- 2 bad men, in this case -- with a shotgun and a pistol.

From the sheriff's sergeant said:

:“The shooter outside the window was literally two or three feet away, maximum, from this girl,” said Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Ramos. “And pumped four rounds in a very tight group.”
In a 4-year-old girl. Outside the window, firing by the light of the TV. So, no chance for mamma to grab the ol' hogleg and shoot back.

The neighbor said:

“In my day, there used to be some standards,” Larry Ellis, a neighbor of the Campos family told the Bee. “You didn’t go mess with someone’s family.”
Yeah, but that was before gun-olatry was amped up by a multimillion-dollar disinformation lobby and a million-man army of delusional gun nuts.


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