Friday, May 3, 2013

Coverup among the rightwingers

This would hardly be worth mentioning, except that rightwingers cannot draw 2 consecutive breaths without claiming that the MSM is suppressing the real story.

Well, not in every instance. Not, for example, when LA's favorite Republican host -- until very recently he ran something called Republican Party Animals -- is exposed as Holocaust denier David Cole. Let's let the Guardian relate how the rightwing treated this news:

Some of Stein/Cole's erstwhile friends are media figures with blogs, newspaper columns and syndicated radio shows. They put a lid on the story. Not a word has been published or broadcast. "When people found out it was, 'Oh my God, get the fuck away from him.' There was debate about whether everyone would look guilty by association," said one entertainment industry artist, a member of Republican Party Animals, who requested anonymity. "The reason we were all so pissed at him is it plays into every horrible stereotype about the right."

Why am I not surprised?

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