Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down with public money for religion

I will vote against the state constitional amendment, when it comes up in 2014, that would give public funds to private preschools.

I have no objection to public preschools, they are probably a fine idea, especially in this state where a high immigration rate and long hours on the job for parents means lots of children get to school age without much preparation.

And I don't mind private preschools, so long as they are paid for by the people who want them.

But to hell with using my money to fund the superstitions of whatever religion sets up these schools. And you know that's who'll do it.

The amendment, passed overwhelmingly by the State Senate, would require that the preschools not discriminate on  the basis of religion. But it does not say they would not teach religion.

I have abandoned most of the things the Roman Catholics taught me at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, such as McCarthyism, but back in those days the church was proud to remain independent of government.

Of course, in Tennessee there was no chance that the Catholic-hating Christian bigots who then (and still) dominate the Tennessee legislature were going to provide tax subsidies to the Whore of Babylon. So the Whore could take a high moral stand at no cost.

Times change. As soon as the RCs saw the chance of getting tax money they forgot all those sermons about independence. Even a Whore has her price.

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