Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RtO misunderestimates American innovation

RtO spoke too soon when it dissed America for failing, as alleged by the FBI, to have produced an Elvis-impersonating terrorist who signed his real name to his threatening letters: "A comforting familiarity" April 27.

It turns out it was a Wayne Newton impersonator. Wouldn't you have to be real tall to impersonate Wayne Newton? RtO didn't even know there are Wayne Newton impersonators. Is this a great country or what?

RtO also notes that the Wayne Newton impersonating terrorist (if we can assume the FBI got its man right this time) is a city boy, even if the city is only Tupelo, Mississippi. He appears to have bought his castor beans on eBay.

If there is one thing Mississippi has got, it's castor beans. They grow everywhere. (They grow on Maui, too, you see them pop up on just about any bare patch of earth around this time, thanks to the birds, who apparently are resistant to ricin.)

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