Thursday, April 24, 2014

THEY feel terrible?

Imagine how the guy the trigger-happy cops shot three times feels?

In today's entry in: Armed to the False Teeth, Part 2,125,367, we have Charles Ramsey, commissioner of the Philadelphia ("We had to burn down the neighborhood to save it") police farce.

It seems there was this black guy, in a hoodie, who had his hands in his pockets and -- hey, why ask any more questions, shoot!

Turns out he was delivering pizza. Ramsey is regretful, sort of:

Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey pointed out on Wednesday that investigators would not be able to determine what happened until they could speak with Holland, adding that the officers felt “terrible” about the shooting.
Because, who knows, maybe shooting an unarmed pizza deliveryman is OK?  How about cheese steaks?

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