Monday, April 21, 2014

You mean there's another one besides Oklahoma?

British humanists are in a swivet because the Christian prime minister on Easter said the United Kingdom is a "Christian country."

Although the indignants include 2 Nobel Prize winners (in science) who presumably can count to 20 without taking their socks off, and polls show a landslide (60%) of residents admit to being Christians, and it has a state church (the Anglicans, who used to be Christians although it could be argued that since around 1930 they haven't been, really), and a freakin' monarch who is head of the church, and bishops (but no rabbis, imams or swamis) with seats in the House of Lords, the humanists are upset.
Pretty great, for a Christian

I don't think that being a Christian country is anything to brag about, but for pete's sakes, humanists, it is a Christian country. In the seventh century (true, a long time back), when the anti-Christians had just about exterminated Christianity everywhere west of Adrianople (and a large swath to the east, too), it was the English who kept copying the holy books and maintaining the rituals.

 Cameron didn't advocate anything as dumb as American Christians are always doing. He did not say, for example, that people who are not Christians cannot be moral. He is no Ronald Reagan.

He (Cameron) wouldn't even be accounted a Christian by most American rightwingers in 2014, inasmuch as his government's policy is to sanction homosexual marriage.

Quit underreaching, British humanists.

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