Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hog wild, wild hog or what?

Georgia Teen Accidentally Shot And Killed On Father-Son Fishing Trip

 From TPM.

They thought they might bag a hog. Fishin' is different in Georgia than in Hawaii.

The comments at TPM are generally unsympathetic to the allegedly grieving father. Some wonder if he just murdered his son and, this being Tea Party country, had the perfect alibi. Who knows? Dead sons tell no tales.

LoganFive comments:

For any conservatives reading this thread, you can calm down. This kid wasn't killed in the womb or in Benghazi, so you're off the hook in terms of having to give a shit about his death.
That sounds about right.

thomasmatthew comments:

I am wondering whether the NRA will attack this distraught father like the attacked the distraught father in the Santa Barbara shootings. Or do they only attack distraught fathers not involved in the shooting?

That is unfair. So far as I know, the NRA has not attacked Mr. Martinez. The NRA usually maintains a cowardly silence in the first couple of news cycles after one of their child sacrifices. thomasmatthew is confusing the NRA with various rightwing gun nuts who have sounded off.

If you need that, Wonkette is attempting to keep a sort of linkfest to the "stupid bloviating" of America's defenders of the Second Amendment.

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