Friday, May 23, 2014

You never see a fat mouse, do you?

Coming soon to your kitchen
Dutch researchers put exercise wheels outside to determine whether mice would work out. They would.

 Gene D. Block, chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles, was not involved with the paper but knows Dr. Meijer and had seen the wheel set up in her garden. He said the study made it clear that wheel-running is “some type of rewarding behavior” and “probably not driven by stress or anxiety.”

The question had a serious purpose, but who cares about that? Now to talk them into buying tiny, overpriced shoes.

Which reminds me to remind you that we will be having a plague of mice around July or August. The last one was over 12 years ago. I forget the exact year, but Kimo Apana was mayor.

A plague of mice

When it rains, grasses luxuriate on the leeward slopes, the mice eat the seeds and reproduce exponentially, and not just to powers of 2 either. Mouse generations are only about 3 weeks long.

So if we take whatever number of girl mice were making babies on, say, April 1 as Generation 1, then we are already seeing the emergence of the young mice of Gen 3. And with serveral girl mice in each litter, it will not take long to have plagues of mice.

As they eat up the seeds, and the dry summer restricts production of new seeds, they will migrate up to Kula and eat up the farms and down to Kihei and Lahaina and alarm the condo owners.

No doubt the most alarmist will blame global warming, but that is just because people who believe in global warming have short memories (or, for malihini, none at all).

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