Thursday, October 16, 2014

A well-regulated militia

Of course, most gun nuts aren't in any militia, regulated or otherwise, so that argument they use wouldn't fool a 9-year-old idiot. However, the historical fact is that the United States has never had a well-regulated militia.

Besides the old examples of drunkenness and murder and shooting workers whenever the bosses asked, right up to the minute, we have this:

Lt. Col. Lawendowski is a rough tough military man and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training of the Alaska National Guard. Please note the use of present tense there, which is rather surprising, given that military investigators submitted a confidential report (an “AR 15-6” in military terms, not to be mistaken for the similarly named semiautomatic rifle) back in March and leaked to the Anchorage Press.
The Press says Lawendowski was found “directly responsible for empowering Alaska guard recruiters to sexually assault and harass female soldiers, recruits and civilians.” The report recommended that he be given an “other than honorable” discharge for his role in allowing some seriously bizarre misbehavior by recruiters when he served as commander of the Alaska Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion (RRB) from November 2007 to May 2012. Also, too, the growing scandal could very well spill over into the 2014 Alaska governor’s race, since there are questions about Gov. Sean Parenll’s knowledge of the mess — the usual what did he know and when did he know it stuff.
Lawendowski himself appears to be the very model of a modern Bad Lieutenant Colonel. Just check his résumé! He is both a “former pornography company owner” and the “co-founder of an ‘end times’ fundamentalist group,”

Well, at least he didn't shoot any workers. Maybe that's progress. The part about the Mongolian Army is curious.

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