Friday, October 10, 2014

How stupid is the Internet?

Pretty stupid. I have recently discovered Caitlin Dewey's Friday column in the Washington Post: What was fake on the Internet this week? You have no idea.

Or maybe you do, if, for example, you read Breitbart. I hope/doubt many followers of RtO do that, though.

It is certainly interesting, like a time-lapse motion picture of a wound suppurating. But I don't think I will make it a regular stop.


  1. This from someone who uncritically quotes Think Progress and Wonkette?

  2. I think Wonkette is the cat's meow. Dok Zoom has great fun this a.m. in his new incarnation of 'Sundays with the Christianists' with true believers. You want to stand with Ken Swanson, be my guest.

    What gets your goat about Wonkette? Distrust of police? Of Michelle Bachmann? The 700 Club?

    Wonkette concentrates on rightwing nutters, who are endlessly amusing, but is pretty selective. There are even crazier rightwing nuts than Antonin Scalia out there.

  3. What gets your goat about Wonkette?

    Because it is like every progressive website I have seen. It is nearly impossible to think over the piercing screeching of incessant axe grinding; it has absolutely no intellectual integrity; and, more often than not, following the story leads to directly to "Tea Partiers chant 'let him die'" kind of nonsense.