Sunday, October 26, 2014

All politics in 140 characters

Over at Wonkette, commenter GayerThanThou sums up the 2014 (and all recent) elections in 2 lines. He is reacting to a post about nepotism, which rightwing nepot columnist Bill Kristol (son of Irving) thinks is a besetting sin of Democrats:

I haz a confused: I thought the whole point of abolishing the Death Tax was so that Junior wouldn't have to make it "on his and/or her own."
He could have fitted it into a tweet. Who says lefties are spendthrifts?


  1. Where does the meaning of the words "inheritance" and "nepotism" intersect?

  2. So "shoes" and "hair" mean the same thing.

    Got it.

    (For a blessed couple of weeks, captcha here wasn't infuriating. Sweet, sweet memory.)