Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stop the Ebola, er, malaria carriers!

First, all the people who have died of Ebola fever in history do not equal the number of Africans who die of malaria every 3 days or so.

Second, a friend of mine who worked in Africa on AIDS control directed me to this commentary by someone who really does know what he's talking about. Worth reading, and then, for pete's sake, stop with the Ebola reports already. Nut grafs:

Doctors Without Borders combined the experience of earlier outbreaks with the treatment of thousands of cases during this outbreak.  They have done this under such difficult field conditions that it was assumed that most large hospitals in the United States could have done the same thing safely.  That turned out not to be true and protocols quickly reflected this new information.
While the autonomy of state and local jurisdictions is a given in this country, the federal government has responded with assistance and personnel exceeding any previous investigation and control effort.  Human evolution and response to unexpected problems will contain the virus in this country.
UPDATE: Not since Bitter Bierce amused the rowdy San Franciscans has an American journalist reached the levels of invective of Gary Legum. And maybe not even then. Legum is not as general a scold as Bierce, since he has only a single target. But it's a fat one and his latest volley is relevant to the topic of this post.

SECOND UPDATE: Judge in Maine, probably a socialist, calls out Republican idiots:

“The court is fully aware of the misconceptions, misinformation, bad science and bad information being spread from shore to shore in our country with respect to Ebola,” he wrote. “The court is fully aware that people are acting out of fear and that this fear is not entirely rational.”


  1. Ummm. Isn't malaria carried by mosquitoes? In which case your title makes no sense?

  2. Bret, stop clouding the issue with facts.

  3. No, by humans. Humans (or some other mammal) are obligate hosts. I have written about this right on this blog.

  4. I don't think you can catch malaria directly from another person short of having a blood transfusion.

  5. But you can be a carrier to infect intermediate hosts. As I explained, malaria was eliminated from the South not by wiping out the mosquitoes but by removing the humans: