Monday, May 18, 2015

Free advice for Alibaba

The funniest  business story of the week is one you won't likely see except here at RtO. It's from Fidelity's news service, and it says Alibaba objects to being sued for flogging fakes. Instead, says its head of securuty, cooperation would get better results.

"I strongly believe that spending money on lawsuits could result in a completely different outcome than cooperating with us," Ni said in an interview during a rare visit by the media to Alibaba' internet security headquarters.
Setting aside the unconscious Monty Python associations, I have a suggestion for Mr. Ni: Stop advertising FAKEs on your website. I am thinking of the fake collectible coins that are flooding and destroying the numismatists' bailiwick thanks to Alibaba.

For mealy-mouthed duplicity and contempt, Ni beats even the standard set just yesterday by the Twin Peaks management after the Waco shootings.

.Of course, not naming your business for history's most famous robber would have helped with your image.

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